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prosthetic leg parts

Are you looking for the professional prosthetic leg parts manufacturers with high quality and good price?


Tamarack Flexure Joints are considered the industrys most widely used thermoformable orthotic joint option for custom and semi-custom articulating ankle-foot orthoses and other lower and upper limb articulating brace configurations.


Product features:

.The four link knee joint is a kind of multi axis knee joint. Its motion law is similar to that of 

physiological knee joint, and its movement center varies with the knee joint flexion degree.

.The support stability of the prosthesis is good, the sagittal, frontal and horizontal surfaces, and 

the extension resistance can be adjusted

.The pneumatic control device ensures the stability of the knee joint as well as the high efficiency

 of the swing phase

.Pneumatic swing control functions to ensure amputees at walking speed under different gait can

 achieve the natural harmony of the pneumatic cylinder, can It differs from man to man..

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