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Dennis Brown Shoes

The breadth of each feet may be adjustable by 2 metallic element alloy slippery strip wilfully ,easily victimization and {easily} in operation . Adopt the special Dennis Brown Shoes to fastened the baby each feet ,it may change each feet severally within the outward turning and within the eversion angle by the shoe sole's tooth plate connecting gear ,the breadth of the feet adjustable by 2 metallic element alloy slippery strip and is fastened the position .Causes baby each feet toward the proper direction growth, achieves the best result finally.


Q: What is a clubfoot?

Clubfoot is a condition in which the foot is turned and twisted inward. Some of the muscles connecting the foot to the leg may be short and tight as well.

 Q: When does clubfoot happen?

Clubfoot is present at birth, and may be detected on prenatal ultrasound.

 Q: Is clubfoot common?

It is present in about one in 1,000 births.

 Q: Who gets clubfoot?

Clubfoot is more common in boys, and does seem to have a genetic/familial component. In some cases it is associated with further neuromuscular conditions, such as spina bifida or arthrogryposis.

Q: Will this get better on its own?

No. If left untreated, the child will not be able to walk properly.

 Q: How is clubfoot treated?

Clubfoot is usually treated with a series of casts to gradually bring the foot into a neutral position. At the end of the casts, a small incision is usually needed to lengthen the over-tight Achilles tendon. Thereafter, a brace with shoes and a bar must be worn to maintain the foot’s good position.

 Q: How long does this treatment take?

The initial casts usually take 6 – 8 weeks, and then the cast after lengthening the Achilles takes another 3-4 weeks. The brace must be worn full time for at least 3 months, and then eventually just at night/for naps for several years.

 Q: Is more surgery ever needed?

In some difficult cases, more extensive surgery on the foot may be required. This may involve lengthening or rerouting tendons, or releasing soft tissues in the foot.

 Q: Will my child be able to walk, run, and play?

Most children have a good outcome and are able to do participate in all activities.

 Q: Will the foot look normal?

The treated foot will be mildly smaller but will have a physical appearance similar to other foot.  The calf of the affected leg is also usually smaller than the other side.

 Q: Is treatment painful?

There may be mild discomfort initially with the casts, and with the Achilles lengthening, but in general the treatment is not painful.

 Q: What if my child doesn’t wear the brace afterwards?

Unfortunately, there is a high chance of recurrence without brace wear. Close adherence to the bracing regimen is suggested.

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