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Ankle and Foot Orthosis / Dynamic

Product features

1 half palm design

Stabilize the ankle joint in pronation and neutral position to prevent plantar flexion and supination.

2. Indications

Ruptured medial and lateral ligaments, foot deformity caused by hemiplegia caused by ligament suture / ligament reconstruction, varus of foot.

3, the adjustment of the intensity of valgus

According to the direction of the bandage, the strength of the valgus pulling force is provided. The principle of round trip correction is used to effectively correct the varus.

Product nameAnkle and foot orthosis / Dynamic
SIZES               M          L          XL
Shoes size35-37    37-39    39-41     41-44
Height24cm     25.5cm  27.5cm   28.5cm
Width6.7cm    7.0cm    8.5cm     9.0cm
Foot long15cm     16cm     18cm      19.5cm
Warranty1 year
ApplicationPatients with foot drop and varus

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