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Intelligent Artificial Leg Below Knee

2018 The 38th China (Beijing) International Rehabilitation Aids Expo opened in Beijing a few days ago. The exhibition was hosted by the China Association of Rehabilitation Aids and attracted more than 100 internationally renowned companies and brands. Rich product demonstrations, good interactive experiences, diverse academic seminars, and local government announcements of investment information have become the highlights of this year's Expo. During the three-day exhibition, a group of new technologies and new products have been loved by the audience and the market. The promotion of intelligent below knee artificial prosthetics allows disabled friends to feel the convenience and happiness brought by new technology to their lives.

"When you walk, you can move freely. You have already taken it as a part of your body. You can also do sports in peacetime. You can participate in outdoor sports such as walking, hiking, etc." At the scene of the Expo, a smart-powered below knee prosthesis The experience is deeply touched. According to reports, this below knee artificial leg is China's first intelligent power one. The entire structure consists of sensors, computer chips, and electromechanical devices that highly mimic the functions of biological nerves, brain, and musculoskeletal tissue. It is one of the first products in the world to combine robotics with prosthetic manufacturing.

The development of the rehabilitation aids industry is conducive to actively responding to the aging of the population, meeting the needs of rehabilitation services for the disabled, promoting the construction of a healthy China, and enhancing the well-being of the people.

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