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Climb to the top of Mount Hua don not use artificial limb prosthetic foot

The danger of Mount Hua is well known both at home and abroad. It is difficult for ordinary people to climb Mount Hua. For a person who has lost one arm and one leg, climbing it is even more difficult.

Hua is rainy, and the steps are slippery. Many people are discouraged, but Guo Shaoyu, a 24-year-old, one-legged boy in Liaoning Province, has to challenge Mount Hua.

Nothing to look forward to climbing Hua Remove the prosthetic foot and foot to climb

About 3 kilometers into the mountain, Guo Shaoyu, with the help of his assistant, unloaded the calf part of the prosthesis. His prosthetics consisted of two parts, the thigh and the calf. At this time, Guo Shaoyu began to use his hands and feet, and literally began to ¡°crawl¡± Huashan.

When I arrived at the heart stone, I was about to climb the steep thousand-foot building and Baiji Cliff in Huashan. Guo Shaoyu also removed the thigh part of the prosthetic limb. He began to jump on one leg.When jumped three or five steps. he havs to sit down and take a rest. At this time, after the rain and sweat, his clothes are all soaked.

Although it was raining, there were still many people who climbed Huashan in the rain. Guo Shaoyu¡¯s actions inspired many mountain climbers, and many people invited him to take a group photo.

At 3:30 pm, Guo Shaoyu successfully arrived at Huashan North Peak in 5 and a half hours. Huashan, which has been covered with clouds, instantly exposed Xifeng and Dongfeng. After a few minutes, Huashan fell into the clouds, and nothing could be seen...

At the top of the North Peak, before the "Huashan Argument" stone inscription written by Mr. Jin Yong, Guo Shaoyu took a special photo.

Guo Shaoyu said that this time climbing Huashan is an experience, he will come again.

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